Resiliency is NOT a deterrent

Recently SpaceNews posted an article on their website that was entitled: For Air Force Space Planners Diversity is its own Deterrent. (See below) It was based on the short clip from the Washington Space Business Roundtable discussion on DoD’s Pivot to Commercial SATCOM that occurred a few weeks back. Two Air Force representatives were […]

Satellites Build a Better World…or Enhance Islamic Terror Command and Control?

Recently SpaceNews carried an article speaking to how the SATCOM provider GlobalComm had recently won the Society of Satellite Professionals’ first annual Better Satellite World Awards. The reason was because GlobalComm “[gave] the troubled nation of Afghanistan a shot at a better future.” This future is enabled by two networks, the Government Communication Network […]

Comments on the SpaceX First Stage Landing

If you haven’t seen the video footage yet of the SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage launch and landing yet, take a quick look. Now for the commentary. First off, congrats to SpaceX for pulling off a challenging feat-landing a first stage, in one piece, on dry land. SpaceX’s video made me wonder where Carson Dailey […]