A great illustration of Senator McCain’s battle against the RD-180

This is an interesting and funny depiction of the RD-180 issue.

Space Thoughts

I strive to keep Space Thoughts on substantive topics, but I will digress for this occasion.  Jeff Burney, who is a Freelance editorial cartoonist and illustrator in Ottawa, Canada created an editorial comic illustrating Senator John McCain’s fight against the RD-180 rocket engine.  I do have respect for Senator McCain, and this cartoon does not attempt to denigrate that respect.  However, I do disagree with him strongly on this issue, and a picture in this case is worth a thousand words.

Thanks to Jeff for bringing this to my attention and allowing me to post it on Space Thoughts.  You can check out Jeff’s site here: http://jeffburney.blogspot.ca/

McCain Ahab

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