Is It Time to Retire the Outer Space Treaty?

In an interesting turn from explaining how OST impacts and defines property rights in space, Michael Listener speaks about the potential of retiring the Outer Space Treaty as an impediment to space development. Enjoy!.

Space Thoughts

My posts on this blog have been few and far in-between over the past couple months, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been giving a lot of thought to the current space legal and policy environment.  Most notably in my thoughts has been the Outer Space Treaty and specifically how it is becoming more of an impediment to outer space development than a positive force.  Recent developments in the legal and policy environment regarding so-called space resource rights in particular have highlighted this.

The Outer Space Treaty was created in a time when two prominent space powers stood at the cusp of extending territorial claims to outer space.  Specifically, the Outer Space Treaty was a product of concerns by both the United States and the Soviet Union one would beat the other to making a manned landing on the Moon and subsequently make a territorial claim.  The ratification of the…

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