Is American Dependence or Strengh to Blame for Adversaires Development of Counterspace Weapons?

In the same STRATFOR article written by Mr. Omar Lamrani, the author states that “The current dependence on space…could give adversaries incentive to attack its infrastructure in orbit.” This entry will discuss this false notion that military dominance in space or at least the capability for offensive deterrence breeds war and vulnerability breeds peace. It’s […]

My Forthcoming Book on Space Deterrence

As some of you might know, I have written extensively over the last several years deconstructing the current National Security Space Strategy (NSSS) that articulates the present Administration’s view on deterrence in space. Much of that work has led to the development of a book on the subject using the Chinese as one example of […]

New Book Worth Checking Out

Hey everyone! Just to let you know about a new book that I stumbled across recently. Its called Into the Black and its the untold backstory to STS-1, the first flight of the Space Transportation System (Space Shuttle). Without giving it all away, let me just say that its a great read for space buffs […]