Author of “Strike from Space” dies

Many of you have probably seen the news that conservative commentator Phyllis Schlafley has died. Most of the press focuses on her writings regarding social conservative thought throughout the 1960s through recent times, but one little known fact is she wrote some books on national security topics with her co-author Admiral Chester Ward, one of which was entitled Strike from Space.

While the book mostly speaks about nuclear weapons and the issues she and Adm Ward have with the Johnson Administration regarding nuclear strategy, one key part of this was the use of gigaton and megaton warheads from space bombardment and space weapons systems that the Soviets were developing and testing during that time. She also appears at a few parts to speak about what became known as the Orion project which was later cancelled. Orion for all you space buffs was a nuclear pulse propelled space battleship that the Strategic Air Command was considering developing for the premier part of its nuclear deterrent force in space. Interesting stuff that could have been.

Its a very editorialized book with very time centric information in it but if you are interested in historical editorial commentaries that speak to defense, nuclear weapons and space…this one was certainly interesting to say the least.


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