A Quick Reality Check: Asgardia Does Not Pass The Sniff Test for an Independent State

This is one strange episode regarding space development and policy implications that can hinder plans. This being one type of plan that makes little sense as the author shows. This is of course, provided that the people wanting to be like Thor by labeling a single satellite nobody lives on as territory, care at all for law in the first place.

Space Thoughts

imagesThe proposed “nation” of Asgardia has generated a lot of buzz in the media since its announcement and even more so with its spread through social media. The proposed scientific haven is the brainchild of several key figures in the scientific and academic community. There is plenty of information on the proposal online, so this blog post will not take up time explaining the concept. Rather, this post will get right heart of the matter and explain to its readers why, in the eyes of international law, it will not be considered a legitimate sovereign nation.

The fundamental question of whether Asgardia qualifies as a state revolves around what constitutes a “state” in the context of international law. While there are many traditional definitions as to what meets the requirements of  a “state” there are four qualifications that generally resound:

  1. There must be a people;
  2. There must be a defined…

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