Comments on the Passing of Col. John H. Glenn

This past week we saw the passing of John G. Glenn, the last of the Mercury Seven and the first American to orbit the Earth. A few years ago, while a member of the Board of Directors at the National Space Society, I was lucky enough to see John Glenn at a Gala in his and his colleague Scott Carpenter honor. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of Friendship 7 and he gave a great speech and seemed very energetic given his advanced age.

John was one of the astronauts that was a common theme in most of the space books I read as a kid and came to know even more about him while I was in high school and he returned to space on Discovery in 1998. That was a terrific time to watch him be part of a crew and (at least to me) take a victory lap around the Earth one more time (or several more times lol).

In his honor, I wanted to link you all to an awesome old video made about Glenn in the early 1960s. The John Glenn Story. Its worth it and if I ever find it on DVD, I plan to get it for the collection.

Thank you John for braving the Atlas and a potentiatlly loose heat shield. You helped open up the doors for space operations, exploration and victory in the Cold War space race.



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