Misperceptions about misperceptions on Chinese space development

Recently, I was made aware of an editorial in The Diplomat entitled “Are China and the US Set for a Showdown?” http://thediplomat.com/2017/01/are-china-and-the-us-set-for-a-showdown-in-space/ After you guys read that, come back to my commentary here…. Okay. The article focuses primarily on resource utilization and “space property rights”. The goal of this article is to highlight “ground truth” […]

An example of process-as-solution involving cyber threats to spacecraft

If you had ever wanted an article from the liberal institutionalism view that said just about nothing regarding the problem or the solution….here’s a great example. An editorial in Via Satellite concerning “Cyberspace in Outer Space” set out to discuss the problem of cyber attacks upon spacecraft and the “response” to it. http://interactive.satellitetoday.com/via/january-2017/cyberspace-in-outer-space-new-challenges-new-responses/ Don’t get […]

The Real Obama Space Legacy

Recently, during the week of the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. , several articles were published discussing the eight years of the Obama Administration. One article that struck my eye, was one from space.com that spoke to the “legacy” of the Obama Administration. http://www.space.com/35394-president-obama-spaceflight-exploration-legacy.html While the author rightly calls this article “premature” and states correctly […]

A question of defense planning to contemplate at the dawn of the Trump Administration…

As we approach the inauguration of a new President, I think there is a question we must ask our new representatives and advisors to the new Administration to ponder… If the current state of the space operating domain is an offensive-dominant domain with offensive focused potential adversaries who are readying for “rapid, destructive” spacepower war […]

2016 Chinese White Paper-Some Observations

At the end of December, China released their latest five year plan and review document. While many have provided (and will continue to) make comment, I thought it would be timely to give some thoughts myself. As mentioned before, the goal of RealSpaceStrategy is to do our best to provide the reader the ability to […]