A question of defense planning to contemplate at the dawn of the Trump Administration…

As we approach the inauguration of a new President, I think there is a question we must ask our new representatives and advisors to the new Administration to ponder…

If the current state of the space operating domain is an offensive-dominant domain with offensive focused potential adversaries who are readying for “rapid, destructive” spacepower war with ends that leave America and her allies in what they refer as a “grave aftermath”…shouldn’t we expect that there might be sufficient evidence in the present day to lead to a logical strategic anticipation that can be planned for?

Shouldn’t we as a nation, seek a defense posture that readies for the future that we might not seek, but is reality just the same? Shouldn’t  we be prepared for securing our status as a spacefaring nation and ensure the Constitutional duty of providing for the common defense of the United States of America is achieved and sustained into the future?

As strategic analyst and renown Professor Colin S. Gray has said, “There is a sense in which defence planning has to accommodate at least the concepts of “thinking the unthinkable” and knowing the unknowable.  Although one cannot literally think the unthinkable or know the unknowable, one can and should recognize these rather frightening categories of thoughts.  Surprise will be what it is, surprising, but by definition ignorance of detail need not be ignorance of future possibility. It is ironic not contradictory to claim that one can be prepared to be surprised.”

This is a short post, but one that I have been giving a lot of thought to lately. I am hopeful that this is the sort of questions that the new National Security Council team would be willing to consider as one of their top priorities, given its interconnectedness among all the other national security challenges of our time.


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