Interesting….Chinese looking into SpaceX-like reusable rockets…or not…?

On this site, I have commented on how interesting and challenging it is for SpaceX and Blue Origin to return their downstages to a powered landing after launch. Its amazing, its an engineering achievement BUT….they have yet to prove reusability (for orbital at least). In addition, they have yet to show efficiency and money savings.

I think its funny…that the Chinese believe the way the SpaceX folks are doing things is inefficient. Funny not just that they are seemingly questioning the economics of the thing, but also the utility of such designs. Its also funny coming from a country that until some data was shared back in the late 1990s that wasn’t supposed to be….their rockets kept exploding. Now they are old reliable.

This will continue to be debated in all corners of the world until these ideas are demonstrated to be cost effective, cost saving or a dud. Its an interesting time to be sure.



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