Real Space Strategy on Facebook

Attention readers, I have added another means to communicate some reality checks on things regarding spacepower strategy and policy via Facebook page. Just search Real Space Strategy and you will see the logo of the US Flag globe with orbiters. On this page, I provide links to articles that interest me, with short comments and […]

“Spirit of the Long March”? Chinese space leaders rising in government

Recently I spotting an interesting article from the South China Morning Post entitled        “Why China’s Aerospace experts have become Xi Jinping’s new political elite.” I found this article to be interesting because of a few reasons. First, its not everyday that you see senior space leaders for any government becoming governors or other highly […]

SpaceX and the cost-effectiveness argument of “reusable” rockets

Many people have been writing, commenting, blogging and posting for weeks now about the upcoming launch of a commercial SATCOM satellite on a previously flown downstage of a Falcon 9. The excitement is building and that is understandable. I for one am interested to see how it goes for them. The real thing I […]