Space Corps Update: Another Study?

Interesting, sad, yet not surprising development today. The Space Corps provision from the House NDAA is now dead….at least for FY2018. The interesting thing in this article that many may not notice, is the paragraph that speaks to a study on the “issue” is forthcoming from a “federally funded research and development” entity. If […]

The problem of careless language in strategic affairs

  Recently, I heard a future military leader (someone who should have known better) use the following words in a sentence…”We create our enemies.” Up to that point I was listening and finding much of what was said to be different but not worth engaging. Upon hearing this, however, I had to chime in. There […]

Real Space Strategy Facebook Follow up: Florida U.S. Senate Delgation and NASA Administrator select Bridenstine

If you have been following on the Real Space Strategy Facebook page, Senators Rubio and NElson from Florida have been speaking ill toward the Trump Administration’s choice for NASA Administrator, presently serving Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK). What I commented earlier today on Facebook, is true. Congressman Bridenstine, they say, will cause NASA and its mission […]